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WolfieG 12/3/2019

1995 Honda Civic DX 4 Cyl 1.50L


Why won't my Homda Covic DX start.

Engine turns over nut will not start. Have checked plugs, relays, fuses. Have not been able to tell if the distributor is the reason for the engine not starting.

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Jimm 12/4/2019

The engine needs these three items to start and run; fuel, air and spark (ignition). Start by checking these items - presence of spark at each of the spark plugs, and voltage to / from the ignition coil.

Once it is determined there is proper spark at each of the cylinders, then check for fuel - correct pressure from the fuel pump (should be around 60 PSI) and at the engine at each fuel injector.

Finally, move to the air intake system - check first for the air filter condition (not dirty or clogged), checking also for any leaks - repair as you go.


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