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Xzero6754 5/19/2012

1997 Geo Metro LSi 4 Cyl 1.3L


Why won't my car stop accelerating?

Mileage: 142000
I was driving my car down the road, stopped and turned it around because I missed my turn, and now it won't stop accelerating. I had to wrestle with it and the brakes and got it to the side of the road. I got it towed home and now I have no idea what the problem could be. I can turn the car on but it instantly revs to redline RPM without me touching the gas pedal. I checked everything underneath the pedal and nothing is stuck. I'm not really a car person so any information about a fix, or a quick fix will be helpful.

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hayseedplowboy 9/15/2012

it is probably the throttle body is stuck. once in a while you have to use some type of gunk remover, like STP carb cleaner


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