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Demaari Myles

Demaar ... 9/4/2019

2000 Mitsubishi Galant ES 4 Cyl 2.40L


Why won't my car start?

My car was running hot so I changed the hose leaking on the back of the engine due to there being a whole in it but now my car will on stay on if I'm Erving the gas

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Jimm 9/5/2019

First question - did the engine and cooling system run dry / leak completely of all the coolant? If yes, then there may be sufficient damage due to the overheating to cause a cylinder head warpage or compression loss condition.

Next step would be the have two inexpensive tests performed; a cylinder compression test and a cylinder leakdown test. The results from these two tests will help you to determine your repair / replacement options.


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