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Rosa 6/23/2021

2002 Mazda Protege LX 4 Cyl 2.00L

Body & Interior

Why won't my right blinker turn off and my left one only blinks once? Also why aren't my hazards working?

These events took place within the same day. My left blinker would not turn off, at first I was able to mess with the clicker and eventually get it to turn off, however now it's stuck on. After that, my right blinker started acting up because it would only blink once and turn off. This also happens when I turn on the hazards. I have one left blinker that won't turn off (even when cars off) and my right blinker only blinks once. I had to take battery turmoil out to keep the left blinker off. What could this be?

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Jimm 9/11/2021

Replace the multi-function switch on the steering column. Unit cost is around $51.00 from various auto parts on-line vendors;

Multi function switch = BECK/ARNLEY part #2012450 {#GE4T66122} - or it's equivalent
Dimmer, Headlights, Turn Signal


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