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Christine 12/20/2016

2005 Mercury Mountaineer Premier 6 Cyl 4.00L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

Why won't my 2005 mountaineer engage in any gear when I am able to shift into all gears?

My car ran fine all day, I started it up with the remote, got inside, put in reverse and it would not move. I checked all gears and nothing, I can rev the engine but the car will not engage into any gear. What could this be?

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Jimm 12/22/2016

First question - have you checked the transmission fluid level, and refilled as necessary?

Transmission Solenoid Failure
Also called a "shift solenoid", in automatic transmissions, the solenoid is used to regulate the flow of transmission fluid. If the solenoid is malfunctioning, it can impact how the transmission fluid is distributed while you're shifting gears causing delayed engagement. Solenoids can fail because of an electrical or mechanical malfunction. Because modern vehicles are heavily dependent on computers to manage the distribution and flow of fluids, these solenoids are integral to a transmission's operation.

Inability to Shift Gears
In some cases, specific gears may simply refuse to engage. For example, if your vehicle is only able to shift to "Drive" and not "Reverse" successfully, then there could be a problem with the valve body.

The valve body acts as the nerve center of the automatic transmission. It manages the flow of fluid through to the appropriate valve, which in turn, signals the respective clutch pack to engage.


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