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::stacey:: 7/25/2012

2004 Toyota Highlander Base 6 Cyl 3.3L

Body & Interior

Wondering about wiper problem and what it costs to fix

When turned on, Passenger side front wiper would go back down too far and ultimately overlap the driver side wiper and get stuck. Today the passenger side wiper pretty much just started flopping around. At surface view, seemingly the part that keeps the wiper tight is stripped, but don't know if there is a deeper cause? Mechanic said the part is cheap, but the labor will be a lot. Said they need to remove the entire dash in order to replace the part. Is this valid, or am I being taken for a ride?

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Jimm 8/10/2012

1) listen if windshield wiper motor is turning when switched on. The motor is under hood up near firewall.
If no noise and fuses are OK, motor may need replacement.

2) If motor can be heard whirring, then maybe the plastic link between the motor shaft and the wiper arm assy has worn or broken. (A very cheap part). This can be accessed by removing cowling or vents in front of windshield. This is a common failure.


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