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2013 Chevrolet Express 2500 LT 8 Cyl 6.00L

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Wiper and washer system of cars

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PartsAvatar Ca 5/31/2019

The wiper and washer system is a system that keeps the view apparent by removing raindrops on the windshield glass and the back window glass when it rains. The system can clear dirt from the windshield glass by using washer.

For these reasons, this is an important system for driving vehicles safely. In recent times, some models have functions in which the wiper speed changes in response to the vehicle speed, and the wiper automatically operates when it rains.

Wiper and washer system consists of the following part:

1.Front wiper arm / front wiper blade

2.Front wiper motor and link

3.Front washer nozzle

4.Washer tank (in washer motor)

5.Wiper and washer switch (in intermittent wiper relay)

6.Rear wiper arm / rear wiper blade

7.Rear wiper motor

8.Rear wiper control relay

9.Wiper control unit (passenger side J/B ECU)

10.Rain sensor

Mechanism of Windscreen Wiper

The wiper is moved circularly by the wiper arm and the blade rubber is pressed on the windshield glass by the spring then wiper can wipe the windshield glass by moving the wiper blade by circular movement is created by the motor.

Different Movements of Windscreen Wiper

Different models of vehicles have different windscreen wiper arrangement which means that there are a number of ways they can move.

1. Pivot/radial - left hand drive
The blade for this windscreen wiper is a single arm, attached to the motor. It moves in a parallel motion and is mostly found on left handed cars.

2. Pivot/radial - right hand drive
This is the first mirror reverse windscreen wiper and is mainly found on right handed cars.

3. Sequential sweep
The mechanism of this type of windscreen wiper is more complicated than other designs of windscreen wiper,wipers move in opposite directions at the same time.

4. Single blade arm
Most commonly used on rear windscreens, this single windscreen wiper glides back and forth with a Centre pivot to ensure as much coverage as possible.

5. Mono-blade
In this it is attached to a single arm which extends upwards to reach the top corners of the windscreen which glides in at each end and create an 'M' shape at the middle of the windscreen.

6. Pantograph system
This type of windscreen wiper used on commercial vehicles with larger windscreens, such as buses and coaches, it has two arms for each wiper blade. Attached by a vertical bar, one arm is attached to a motor and the other is on a pivot.

7. Dual windscreen wiper arms for two windscreen pivoted at the top.
Vehicles which have two windscreens, such as US military wheeled vehicles, jeeps and utility vehicles, use dual wiper arms. These operate on a pivot from the top and allowing for better coverage towards the bottom of the windscreen.

8. Dual windscreen wiper arms for two windscreens
This system uses a simple radial design generally found on older models of car with two front windscreens, such as the iconic Volkswagen 'split screen' camper van.


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