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rennag ... 5/22/2010

1992 BMW 525i Base 6 Cyl 2.5L

Body & Interior

windshield washer fluid wont come out

i topped off the reservoir because i though it was low and even after that when i hit the stalk to get windshield washer fluid to come out instead of spraying fluid it goes straight to wipers.

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Bob R.

Bob R. 5/26/2010

There is a small electric pump at the bottom of the resevoir. Have someone activate the washer from the lever and see if you can hear the motor run - key on, but engine off. If not, it can be a fuse, a bad wire, or a bad wiper switch. If the motor gets 12V across the two wires when you activate the switch, it's the motor.
If the motor runs but you get no fluid, check for junk in the tank - if it was filled without using the screen that's at the top of the tank, it can get junk in it, or the junk could preak the impeller in the pump. It could also be a break in the tubing from the tank to the nozzles, but then you would see the fluid under the hood or on the ground.

Bob R.

rennagata92 5/26/2010

i forgot to mention when i first bought the car i pulled on the stalk a little bit of fluid came out and after that nothing happened, if that makes any difference. im going to go see about the motor in a bit

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