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Alberta Johnston
Albert ... 5/1/2010
2003 Ford Explorer XLS 6 Cyl 4.0L - Body & Interior
Windows won't always go down
Window's wont go down sometimes o drivers side. Sometimes they will go down when the door is open but once I close the door they don't work. Then they stopped working all together. I had a friend look at them and he shook some line that go's from the door into the dash and they started working again. I'm not sure of the part that I need to get.
2 Answers
  • usautopartsexpert
    you probably need a window regulator or a window motor or both
    Alberta Johnston 5/1/2010
    Ok can this just be bought at any auto store
  • usautopartsexpert
    yes. but your best option is to buy it in shipping)4-7 business days for the part to get to you

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