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Trevor Fredenburg

Trevor ... 1/7/2019

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 6 Cyl 4.00L


Windows heat ac an fan blower motor stoped simultaneous

So radio cluster and interior lights an such all work perfectly power locks as well the Windows Heat Ac turn signals and fan blower motor all stoped at same time i have checked every fuse in both blocks and all relays that i can find and can not find anything that links these things together i have also put 12 volts directly to the motors to verify that they work if anyone has any ideas id be open to any opinions thanks

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Samuel 1/7/2019

With no blower motor action there will be no checking of the heat or AC. Those are linked. But the others not so much. Why not actually check the fuses of these items. Find out were the power is dropping out.


Teddy B 1/9/2019

There is only one Idea.
You have to study the wiring diagrams -- First -- then do your
checking & testing.
Given the vehicles age, I would be looking for corrosion at grounds & connectors.
IF -- you know how to apply OHM's Law & Read Wiring Diagrams,then you test
for voltage & ground side of the circuits that are a problem.

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