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Kenneth 10/4/2011

2010 Honda Fit Sport 4 Cyl 1.5L

Body & Interior

Why does my window go up slowly ?

I have a 2010 Honda Fit and this specific problem only happens on the driver side, which is probably the side that is being used more. It has been raining a lot these days and i was wondering if it is just grime on my regulator? or would it be the weatherstrip that has worn out and began being brittle? Please help.

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Bill 10/5/2011

Kenneth, Although your answers are funny,we look at these serious do it yourselfers questions and if we see it has been answered even by YOU we pass and go to the next question making it very unfair if someone really needs help. If you have no help then please back off. Can't make you , just a strong suggestion.


thoiroi27 10/6/2011

hey Bill i think this guy is an ass. try to make fun ony

Spoon Sports

Spoon Sports 10/4/2011

Im sorry but none of the symptoms fit a 2010 fit. I have a Honda Civic 2002 and never had these problems for the past 9 years.

Bring it back to the dealership, im sure you still have warranty. Your car is barely a year old...

Please do not reply by clicking "Reply". reply by clicking "Answer Question" so it will reflect in my INBOX so i can get back to you if something comes up. If you post a comment, it will not appear on my inbox and i wont be able to follow your question.


frank 10/4/2011

the power motor weak need changed verry slow


CVO 10/6/2011

Mr Kenneth. I agree with Mr Bill, please be serious about your answers.


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