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Dodge Dakota DIYer

Dodge ... 3/23/2012

2003 Dodge Dakota Sport 8 Cyl 4.70L

Preventive Maintenance

Why did I have white smoke for 10 mins or so, after I changed my spark plugs on my 4.7L?

The white smoke eventually burned off. I changed my oil, oil filter, transmission fluid, t-filter, t-gasket, shift differentials fluids front, and back, transfer case fluid. Any other suggestions for close to a 90k on my truck? How much money did I save doing it myself, when fluids, and hand pumps costed me $286.12 total? Thanks for your help!

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colin 3/23/2012

you had water run down the air filter or the plugs hence the white smoke ,but this is a nearly 5 litre gas burner so why not recycle it for a nice diesel ford fiesta or a diesel focus with manual transmission and 70MPG and help save the planet ,peugeot diesel is good as well same as a VW ,Do you really need a poluting machine like this to go to the shops in ?


Dodge Dakota DIYer 3/23/2012

Why do you hate, I own a honda!

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