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rob 10/6/2012
1989 Toyota Camry Base 4 Cyl 2.0L - Engine
What could cause a whining sound after timing belt, two accessory belt, water pump, cam seal and crank seal.
I haven't drain and filled the coolant properly because I ran out of daylight. Vehicle temperature went all the way hot(i almost over heated). Whining sound when you start the vehicle and when accelerated. I torqued the cam & crank bolt to manufacturers specification. Mostly a really loud whining sound. What's the the best way to figure this out? Thanks in advance! TOYOTA CAMRY engine: 3s-fe front wheel drive. 4 cylinder. (I'm not sure about the engine code it's either 3s-fe or 5s-fe). Thanks!
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  • HouseCallAuto
    HouseCallAuto 10/6/2012
    Either the timing belt tension is too tight (this will cause a whine sound or the alternator is bad, rule out the alternator by removing the belt or disconnecting the electrical plug from it. Depends on when the whine began also. if immediately after the timing belt, then I say timing belt tension is suspect.
    rob 10/6/2012
    Thanks. I was thinking of that too. And also the whining sound decreased a little when I fully drained and filled the coolant. Now it's just the alternator and timing belt tensioner that should be one of them making that noise. I'm gonna take it apart when it cools down. THANKS FOR THE HELP!!
    rob 10/6/2012
    I took out the alternator belt and it was still there. So It was the timing belt tensioner. I put it on too tight. Now the noise is gone. Thanks!!

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