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chas139 10/9/2010

1998 Honda CR-V EX 4 Cyl 2.00L

Body & Interior

Wher's the computer????????????

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CVO 10/9/2010

Electronic instruments can be damaged by excessive voltage, heat, moisture, or vibration, so computers are usually mounted in the driver's compartment.
•Sometimes, they are in the right-hand kick panel (in front of the passenger door) or near the glove box.
A computer located inside the right front kick panel.
•Other times they are located under the passenger seat.
•Newer computers are designed to dissipate heat more quickly. Some of these are installed in the engine compartment.
•To be safe, pull the computer fuse before unhooking its connectors.
Autozone.com doesn't have the info. for the exact location. Hope this help and be safe.


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