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Hoolig ... 4/1/2014

1991 BMW 325iX Base 6 Cyl 2.50L

Steering & Suspension

What would cause wheel studs to shear off?

Passenger side rear lost two of the four studs to hold the tire
on along with the center cap.
This was discovered with severe vibration & pulling.
It turned over 251,000 today on a road trip of approximately
275 miles.
Rear brake pads/calipers were changed recently.
All four brakes were bled with tires off.
Lug nuts were tightened with a torque wrench to 65lbs. This specification was looked up prior to this. I don't remember the source.
One stud came out on the front when the tires were removed. It went back in. It had not been changed yet.
The drivers side rear for a long time would loosen all lung nuts. I ended up putting lock washers on it until the breaks were changed.
I'm thinking the lug nuts were overtightened in the past- impact wrench set too high.
After a tow, I'm getting all studs replaced.

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