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Donna Kneeland
Donna ... 9/28/2012
2004 Kia Sedona EX 6 Cyl 3.5L - Steering & Suspension
Went in for a wheel alignment. The mechanic told us we need a new left inner tie rod, rear shocks, right front cv boot.
Estimate is $890.00 Is this a reasonable cost?
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  • clayton
    clayton 9/28/2012
    sounds pretty high to me but where are u located some areas price is alot higher i am a auto mechanic and do wheel aligh/ and thats high priced.
  • HouseCallAuto
    HouseCallAuto 9/28/2012
    Alignment average price $80
    Rear shocks - monroe - with labor $225
    left side inner tie rod can be at least $120
    right front CV boot cab be $225 ~

    Seems like it is on the high side. make a call to another local shop and ask for a quote since you know exactly what they are doing.
    Donna Kneeland 10/1/2012
    Thank you. We went to another shop and it was a lot more reasonable.

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