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Djuna 1/6/2016

1996 Toyota T100 DLX 6 Cyl 3.40L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

What's wrong with it?

Has new alternator, new battery, new starter. When I lift it on the right side it will crank but its not getting the voltage it should Please help

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Teddy B

Teddy B 1/6/2016

Need more details

Your lifting the body or the motor ?

Your voltage drop or lack of it is being
checked where & how ?

As a guess given the vehicles age your chasing
wiring issues,in most cases corrosion or someone
before you messing with it & putting in problems

Teddy B

carolynhensley 2/18/2016

have an Altima- done same thing- new battery- 3 days later wont start- car has all options- had to get higher voltage battery - works fine!! after 2 batteries- all my gauges would flash - warning sign went from 1 thing to another- put high voltage battery in- everything great!!!

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