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cody 9/5/2012

2007 Chevrolet Cobalt LS 4 Cyl 2.2L


What's wrong?

So I was driving my car a while ago (2007 Chevy cobalt LS 2.2L standard) and accidentally hit the undercarriage of my car on the curb pretty hard in the middle to front passenger side, now when I drive my car it seems to heat up more than usual. It used to stay at 180 flat but now it gets up to 212 a lot so what do you think could be wrong? It's not leaking coolant cause it's not leaking anything

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jasazle96 9/16/2012

If it dented the fins on the radiator it wont cool correctly


HouseCallAuto 9/16/2012

See if the cooling fan is working or not. let the car idle for as long as it takes. The fan should come on before the temperature climbs past normal if it is working. keep in mind that it could take 30 minutes for the temperature to climb. If the temp goes into the danger zone and the fan has not turned on to cool it down, then it is a logical suspicion that your impact with the curb has damaged the fan or fan blade has become stuck or the wiring to the fan was damaged. If the fan is your cause though, the car would likely NOT run hot when driving the car (when the car is moving) and the car would begin to run hot while parked and idling, like at a long traffic light.


cody 9/25/2012

Would that also explain why I'm not getting as much coolant in my engine?


HouseCallAuto 9/25/2012

What do you mean? Why do you ask this? I understood that you were not leaking anything and you likely checked to see that the system remained full, right?

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