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Nick G

Nick G 5/16/2012

1995 Chevrolet C1500 Silverado 6 Cyl 4.30L


what's causing my engine to stall when applying the brakes, and while driving?

I have a 1995 chevy c1500 with a 4.3. It has 203325 miles. While driving down highway the engine will stall, all gauges go down, as if key was turned off. Most off the time it just shuts off and starts running again on its own. Sometimes it will just stall and I'll have to pull over and restart engine. Then there are times when I go to brake or shifting into drive it will stall. I have new plugs and wires, coil,have changed all emission sensors, egr valve, and replaced computer. The check engine light usually comes on when it stalls. The only code that it shows is " 54- fuel pump relay low voltage" . I've changed the fuel pump relay, but still have the same problem.

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SearsTech2 5/17/2012

Have you checked the power that your alternator is putting out?


Nick G 5/18/2012

No, thats one thing I haven't checked. I've have been trying to remember if I've ever changed the altenator. Can't remember If it's ever been changed in the 15 years I've owned the truck.

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