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Toi Webster

Toi ... 9/6/2017

2001 Mitsubishi Galant DE 4 Cyl 2.40L


whats next for my car

i was stopped at a light and went to drive off but the car died, got it home checked the fuel pump by hooking it up to the battery and it worked fine, i replaced the cam sensor and check engine fuse and the car started but did the same thing later, whats next

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Teddy B

Teddy B 9/6/2017

Pay a local shop for an hour or two Diagnostic Time-- to find all your
vehicles problems & then decide what to do
What to pay a shop for & what to do yourself at home,once you have a known issue
I fail to see how you can replace any parts on a guess, without service info,experience
& understanding of how parts work & how to test them
No Testing--No Failed Parts--then you need Professional Help

Is the Fuel Pressure Correct ?
Why replace a Cam Sensor ?
Did you check the Timing Belt for oil,wear,jumped teeth ?
Is the Exhaust Converter Blocked ?
Did you check All Modules for Codes ?
Did you look at any Scan Tool Data ?
Is the Air Filter Housing & all Ducting attached properly & no air leaks ?
A car that old, I would do a Cylinder Leak Down Test or at least Compression
or Cylinder Contribution Test


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