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muynaudi 3/16/2012
2005 Scion xB Base 4 Cyl 1.5L - Steering & Suspension
I have this weird sound coming from my front end left passenger side.
When I drive you hear this rubbing grinding sound near my left front tire. The weird part is it stops when I turn my steering to the left. I checked to see if it's rubbing on anything but it's not. What could it be?
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  • LEW CARite
    LEW CARite 3/16/2012
    Sounds like a wheel bearing, or possibly brake noise.
    - Lew Carite
    LEW CARite
    muynaudi 3/19/2012
    Ty! I kinda figured that. But a mechanic around me confirmed it. Thanks
    LEW CARite
    muynaudi 3/19/2012
    It s hub wheel bearing.

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