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Ashton 3/12/2019

2011 Ford Mustang Base 6 Cyl 3.70L

Body & Interior

water leaking into trunk

Hi! Water is leaking into my trunk- I took it to a Ford dealership, and they cleaned the drains (diagnosed as what was causing the leaking) for $250.
When I picked up the car, my backseat was soaked from the drain cleaning, and there were dirty water stains all over the floor board. I did not realize until I was home, and when I called the dealershiper they wanted me to pay additional cost ($80+) to have it detailed.
Is this normal!? I personally think it's totally unacceptable, and now have genuine concern the flooding in my backseats might have damaged the car.

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Jimm 3/12/2019

Doesn't sound normal, recommend to talk with the dealership management about the 'repair' condition.


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