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NLTsoccer 12/21/2012

2001 Mercedes Benz ML320 Base 6 Cyl 3.2L

Body & Interior

water leak on the passenger floor of my 2001 ml320. not sure where coming from or how to fix

not sure if from rain or heat

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Jimm 12/22/2012

Several possibilities; leaking windshield gasket or seal, leaking door window seal or weathstrip. To repair, check the 'How-To-Guides' feature on the AutoMD website.


3peas2pods 1/21/2013

yes like the man above has said, it is probably due to maybe if you bought the car used, the windsheild was replaced but not sealed correctly or, the reapairman didnt remove the old sealant before he installed the new windshield and then adding new caulking making the glass not seat correctly. Also, if you had the windshield replaced under your ownership, you werent happening to be standing right behind him were you? this makes most people nervous and can hasten someone to overlook key details.. lol. but yes. it is probably due to a bad weather stipping job.


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