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Catnbrat 9/13/2016

2012 Jeep Patriot Sport 4 Cyl 2.40L


Warning lights ETC & MIL came on...now vehicle disabled

What went wrong? The ETC light came on and the MIL light immediately after my vehicle started to over heat. I stopped vehicle & let it cool down. Everything back to normal. 20 miles later same thing. That night I added coolant & vehicle worked fine; lights off. Drove 5 miles and when I got back in vehicle it wouldn't start; gave it 10minutes and all back to normal (no warning lights). Next day I drove it without problems about 40 miles then I had real troubles. Vehicle running very rough and near stalking for next 5 miles. I parked for the day and when I tried to start it ... Nothing. Coolant went all over the ground and vehicle sounded like it was going to turn over but wouldn't? I have less than 90K miles on vehicle? Does it sound like something what would be covered under powertrain warranty? What could problem be?
Thank you for any insight you can offer

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Teddy B

Teddy B 9/13/2016

Your done for now-can not be used,
if you haven't already done damage

It over heated -find out why

You have to address the coolant issue-

Failed Head Gasket
Stuck Thermostat-not likely
Loose Coolant Hose
Failed Water Pump

If the coolant runs on the ground it should
not take long to get close to the problem

My guess (only on the warranty) is --never expect that to come into play

If you had warranty the dealer would lie to you anyway & do nothing

The only warranty I would guess you have- is on Emission Items- cover by
Govt Regulations or possibly the transmission- if you wasted extra money on
something they pitched you when it was bought new

When a vehicle overheats & you have to add coolant
Would you not park it & find out why- verse- keep using it ???

When ETC & MIL Lamps come on, you go directly home or to a shop & walk
away from it-sorry to be rude, but that is the routine, or you run the risk of
damaging the vehicle & that can run up to many thousands of unnecessary

Your in a Fail Safe Overheating Mode --hope it worked, for the motors sake

Teddy B

Catnbrat 9/14/2016

Thank you for your comments. I did stop immediately when hot. when I restarted after awhile & adding water; everything was fine. I spent "down time" road side looking in user Manual for warning light meanings. Both said it was safe to continue to drive the vehicle unless flashing which they were not. Could it be a blown head? I'm afraid it's going to be in the thousands of $s which is why It sits. in my paperwork I have a 5yr 100K powertrain warranty. 90k doesn't seem like a lot of miles ?

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