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indymo ... 5/23/2010
1987 Dodge B350 Base 8 Cyl 5.9L - Engine
One of my warning lights came on right before I lost all power to my vehicle and I'm not sure what the problem is?
I went to start ,y van and the first time it started but, died immediately then I got it started and was driving down the road when I noticed my warning light came on and it said GEN. I also noticed my my battery gauge or whatever its called is usually right above half way started moving up toward the top of the guage. Then a few minutes later I came to a stop sign and when I started to go it died. I tried to restart it and had no power at all. I got somebody to give me a jump and the first time I tried to start it it just clicked a little bit. The guy then adjusted the cables and after a minute more of letting it charge it started. So I'm not sure what the problem is thats causing this?
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  • Allen
    Allen 5/23/2010
    Sounds like a bad alternator,charge your battery up and drive it to autozone or any parts house ,they will check it for you.Or the old school is to get it started,take the ground cable off,if it dies,its the alternator.

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