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Confus ... 5/6/2022

2002 Chevrolet Impala LS 6 Cyl 3.80L


Warning lights so why can't I get a code from scanner?

Recently I've been having issues with turning right or when I turn the steering wheel right. Both the Abs warning light and service traction control warning lights come on my dashboard as well as it chimes to make me aware of the warning. A friend used their obd2 scanner but no codes came back. I then took it to a local part store offering free scans and again no code came back.
I know I obviously need to take it in for repair but it would be real nice to have an idea of what the actual issue is before doing so so that I can prepare financially. A control module is expensive. I don't want to pay for that if it's only a sensor. Why am I not getting a code??
When I start car I hear clicks from the right side, and the warnings aren't there until I'm driving. They come on and off. If parked I see my headlights flashing off the car in front of me. I checked the brake fluid and fuses. Man I really hope it's not the whole abs module. Bummed out

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Jimm 5/7/2022

It depends on the capabilities of the scanner. Some handheld OBD scanners cannot read ABS system codes.


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