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Steve 3/28/2010

1981 Ferrari 308 GTSi Base 8 Cyl 3.0L


warm engine - hard starting

car runs good but but takes several attempts to start when it is warm. Car fires but may take 6-8 attempts to start befor it stays running - when cold starts fine

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reh 6/25/2010

starter is to hot or engine is to tight......check starter out for amp draw

Great Lakes Auto Works

I know this is an old post, but I assume you don't drive the car often and may still be having the problem. This car has CIS injection (very efficient and easy to diagnose system). What your describing seems like a problem either with the fuel distributor timing (or the distributor itself). Do you see any fuel leaking from any sensors around the intake area?

Mark L.

Mark L. 4/13/2011

A shot in the dark would be..... what area of the country do you live. Do you think it is possible that the reformulation of gasoline for the diffifent seasons could have this effect. I have noticed a slight performance and starting difference in my pininfarina coached roadster during cold weather gasoline formulations. Maybe you could find information on an additive or such that plays games with your car. Although being a 308 it may not be as sensitive as my 1990s era car. hope this helps.


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