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plymouth suburban

plymou ... 12/9/2010

1990 Volkswagen Corrado G60 4 Cyl 1.8L


my vw has no spark, what could it be?

ok got no spark at all on my vw. coil is good, good plugs good wires. not getting any spark out of the coil. please dont say put a batterie in. i am not stupid just not vw smart. i have tried a different coil still nothing. tried a jump wire from the batterie to the coil and still nothing. i have had been told it could be the hall effect sensor. but what could it be any help would be awsome

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Bobby 12/9/2010

if you tried a new coil and your still not getting spark then here is what should be done, check the connector to the coil the wires to the coil should be a power wire a ground wire and a signal wire the signal wire tels the ignition coil to fire, on these the hall effect sensor is in the distributor, that could be the problem. It could be a bad ground wire to the coil also. try grounding the coil with a jumper wire on the ground circuit and see if that does the trick. if not you could be looking at a distributor or hall effect problem. also note if you jumped straight battery power you could have damaged the new coil you might want to see if you can swap it out for another new one incase that is the case.


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