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mwalke ... 2/10/2020

2010 Honda CR-V EX-L 4 Cyl 2.40L


VVT/VTC Issue - Need diagnosis

-VCT Actuator grind on cold start
-Metal on metal sound for the first minute of driving that goes away
-Car struggles to exceed 3k RPM. The throttle must be floored and then it jumps to 4k RPM but struggles to go higher
The last symptom is reminiscent of the issue form this video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch), but unlike that video there is no oil leaking around the solenoid.
Would it be worth it to just replace the VTC Oil Control Solenoid Valve and the Rocker Arm Oil Control Solenoid and Filter myself and see if the issues clear up. Or should I go ahead and take the valve cover and chain case off to replace the VTC Actuator and check to see if the timing chain is still on the guides and replace the timing chain and guides if not?
I can easily replace the solenoid, valve and filter myself. I think I can even do the chain/actuator, but I would be very uneasy working on them and might opt to have a mechanic do that.

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Jimm 2/11/2020

First question - what is the engine oil level? When was the last oil and filter change? Does the oil filter include an anti-drainback valve?

Try the VTC solenoid valve as the first step, and then as necessary - replace any other components.


mwalker2810 2/11/2020

I've bought the car at 110k miles and and changed the oil at 114k and 120k miles. Grind is less severe but still present after the changes. Filter changed both times.

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