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Tashia 10/2/2012
2006 Toyota Sequoia Limited 8 Cyl 4.7L - Engine
What does it mean when the vsc trac/vsc off lights are on
check engine light also 2006 Toyota Sequoia Limited
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  • clayton
    clayton 10/2/2012
    the vsc light stands 4 vehicle steer control is either on or off push ur button to see if the light goes out
    josh 10/3/2012
    It's actually vehicle skid control, not steer control. Pushing the button isn't gonna solve anything either. It's actually rather common for Toyota's to set the VSC light when the engine light comes on, VSC can't properly perform it's functions if there is a problem in the engine managment side. Scan both the ECM and the VSC and go from there.

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