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S00pdS ... 4/6/2010

2000 Subaru Legacy Brighton 4 Cyl 2.5L

Steering & Suspension

Vibrations in steering wheel while turning

I haven't had this car very long, it was passed down to me from my parents. Recently I have been feeling vibrations in the front of my car, most noticeably in the steering wheel, as I make turns-slow or fast. What could the problem be?

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Bobby 4/6/2010

Could be the power steering check the fluid level, could be the serpentine belt is a loose a little bit check to see how old it is,. Could also be a wheel bearing or a front end component such as tie rod ball joint causing the vibration.


rexhedgehog 6/5/2010

Would any of those also cause those types of noises when going over bumps/uneven pavement, as well as sharp turns?

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