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tn1387 6/30/2017

2012 Ford Focus SE 4 Cyl 2.00L


What causes vibration after a TR?

I took my vehicle down to Jiffylube to have oil changed, Ive used the same place more than once. However, this time, I had my tires rotated since its been about 10k miles since I bought my car. I expected some odd noises and different feel when driving due to the tread differences; however, Ive also noticed that as I apply my brakes to slow down i get this slight vibration in my floorboard near the pedals. It gets stronger the slower I get. Not violently strong or anything, but it is noticeable and i hear this sound which I could only describe as like waves of soft thumping sounds which get slower in frequency as I slow down more. Ive never had my tires rotated since I don't really put a ton of miles on cars but I have this one lol. Could this be a serious issue or is it because of the tread being different and will wear down over time? My initial thought was what if its an issue with the brakes since thats when I notice it the most.

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FelixR 6/30/2017

Some slight changes/ vibrations are normal. If you feel like there is a problem it wouldn't hurt to take it back in and make sure that everything was reinstalled properly. When it comes to tires/ brakes it's important that everything is functioning properly.


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