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2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac XL 6 Cyl 4.00L

Steering & Suspension

Vibration & shuddering fm back wheels when turning from a stop. Feel it sometimes when taking off from a stop.

My 2002 Sports Trac just hit 100,000 miles. It's been a good car. The tires are new and front end was recently. I have no leaks and no warning lights are on. I feel vibration & shuddering from the back wheels when turning from a stop. Feel it sometimes when taking off from a stop. The vibrations/shuddering do not always occur. I have been trying to pay attention to a pattern. It seems to occur more when I've been driving for 30 min. or so. It feels like it's coming from the left rear. Almost feels like the left rear tire is shuddering. Once the problem starts, it does not stop until the vehicle has been parked for several hours. It almost feels like the back tire or tires are going to fall off, but they are not. I read somewhere that this MIGHT be related to the transmission???? The car is a rear wheel drive. Any suggestions??? Others who have had this problem??

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AutoMD User Jim

AutoMD User Jim 6/2/2014

Do you have a limited slip differential? Many vehicles now days do. I had this problem with a truck once. It had a limited slip differential which requires a special additive to operate smoothly. All limited slip differentials require this additive. I had changed the gear oil in the differential and added additive but it wasn't enough. I got the same shuddering as you describe. As soon as I added more the problem went away. With 100,000 miles on your vehicle the oil and additive may just be worn out. If you have never changed the oil in the differential do so now and put in the additive.


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