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lornasis28 6/23/2010

1995 Dodge B3500 Base 8 Cyl 5.9L


my vehicle wont start,sometimes it will start sometimes wont,and when it starts it will stall and wont start anymore

i got a new fuel pump,new ignition coil,new ASD relay. the car sometimes starts but it will stall,or when you shut it off it will not start anymore,i found out that there's no spark. but after a few cranking sparks will come back. then it will start again. but sometimes it will not start at all. but after a few days i tried to start it again it starts and runs good for many days and miles. then after that the problem comes back and wont start again. hope somebody can help me thanks!

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jdl 9/12/2012

Any applicable trouble codes? If you have an intermittent cam or crank signal, the vehicle won't start.


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