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Rayne 1/11/2021

2003 Ford Expedition XLT 8 Cyl 4.60L

Steering & Suspension

My vehicle had theft attempt-airbag deployed, ignition switch

I purchased a used 2003 Ford Expedition a few months ago. It was well maintained, 2 owners only, with 157,000 miles on the engine. I had it for only 2 days when it was damaged by a theft attempt. Wires pulled, ignition switch taken and airbag deployed.
I was devastated and have had it in storage. How can I find a mechanic who can repair it other than the dealer due to cost?

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Teddy B

Teddy B 1/11/2021

No Doubt a Dealer is not an affordable option due to their labor rate.

Only my personal opinion --but I don't think any Dealer would want
that job & maybe most would recommend you go to a shop that maybe
could help you.

Dealers really don't do much but swap parts & wiring harness if they are on
a Federal or Manufacture Recall.

You find a shop just as you always have.

I have to ask: Do you not have a shop you use several times a year?

You need that & build a working relationship.

To never work on a vehicle until it has problem,is a problem & hopping
from place to place or price shopping or coupon shopping isn't going to
serve you well in time of need.

If you had a long time shop that know you & they can't handle the job
they would recommend a restoration shop or someone in a special area
of the auto repair trade.

What you need is the person with the best soldering & wiring skills as well
as the ability to work with wiring diagrams.

Some parts of the damage may be had from a salvage yard & spliced in verses
unrolling new wire & build your own wiring to match the factory wiring damaged.

My concern is the vehicles age & the jobs cost.

I can't make those calls for you or guess at price not seeing the damage.

What you need done is not what 99.99% of mechanics do,there is too much time
& lost revenue by not working on several other customers jobs.

Teddy B

Teddy B 1/11/2021

Take Pictures & then show & explain what you believe needs to be done.
You in time will get sent from place to place.
My concern is sloppy work & they quit after taking your money.
So confirm a repair before you pay in full.
You need to see the Scan Tool Data & that all Systems are working
as the vehicle came off the assy line when new.

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