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Gene Baker

Gene Baker 5/18/2010

1995 Mazda B2300 Base 4 Cyl 2.3L


Vehicle starts rough.

Vehicle was hard to start. Replaced plugs and wires. Better but still hard to start. Replaced both coils and had more improvement. The vehicle still starts hard and smoothe out after it gets going. After it is started and runs for a couple minutes it runs and starts fine. After it sets for a few hours it becomes hard to start again. What am I missing

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Nissan Technical Advisor

Did you check your battery condition as well as its cables if properly fits and free from corrosions? This problem may also because of low fuel pump pressure delivery or the fuel pressure regulator is failing. A vacuum leak is also a possible reason of this. Moreover, consider also temperature sensor and EGR valve are faulty. Check these and verify through a scan tool. There are parts shops that offer free computer scanning to retrieve the trouble codes.


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