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Tim 7/17/2018

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Special Edition 8 Cyl 4.70L


Vehicle driven till it stalled

Vehicle had about a gt. Of oil.
Filled with oil. Motor has slight knocking sound when running at idle. Put in drive and vehicle stalls out.
Couldn't find an oil leak on the cardboard put underneath motor on the ground. When reving up in park knocking is louder. Could it be a bent rod, or lifter sticking. What can I put in engine to c if additive will take away knocking?

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Jimm 7/17/2018

If the engine had only one (1) quart of oil and it was operated - then there is likely severe bearing damage; which is likely the knocking sound you are noticing.

No oil additive will take the place of new bearings. Time for an engine overhaul or replacement.


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