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Robert 11/23/2010

1983 Volkswagen Quantum GL 4 Cyl 1.6L


This vehicle is a 1.6L turbo diesel. Nothing happens when you try to start the vehicle no click only the dash lights dim

140,000 I have replaced the starter, glow plugs and glow plug relay. when you try to start it the dash lights dim and nothing happens no click no nothing like no juice to the starter before I changed these items you could turn the key off and on repeatedly and eventually it would catch and start but it stopped even doing that which is why I changed the parts mentioned above. You can clutch start but it needs to start the right way. I need a starting place of what and where to locate the Problem. i.e. relays, wiring ????

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cloewen 12/6/2010

Sounds like either your starter or some bad fuses. Or a combo of both. Reccomend getting a test light and figuring out where you do and don't have power. Drop us more info when you know where you have and where your lacking power.


Desi 12/7/2010

This is Engine starter relay unit problem. When you turn the keys you would probably get a Check engine light and if you notice after a few trials the "engine check light vanishes and the engine starts cranks.


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