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cruse_ ... 1/23/2017

2004 Mitsubishi Galant ES 4 Cyl 2.40L


Are my valves most likely damaged?

I was driving back to college from my hometown, about a 350 mile drive, and was able to make it back to my apartment where I go to school. I turned my car off and spent about 20 minutes unloading and went to start it up again to leave but it did not start.
I've towed it to the shop and they have said the timing belt is broken and it being an integrated engine the valves could be damaged. I do not know much about cars so is it possible the belt broke on the trip and has damaged the valves on the long trip or did it just break when starting it up again? I was quoted about $700 to replace the timing belt but I was told that if the valves are damaged, it would be about another $800. Is there a way to check if the valves are damaged without having to pay for the timing belt first?
The engine is a 2.4L with about 180,000 miles. The timing belt had approximately 60,000. I attempted to start up the car approximately 10 times before towing it to the mechanic th

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