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i_am_diva 7/16/2010

1985 Toyota Tercel Base 4 Cyl 1.5L


value="An accordian hose running into air filter housing just disintegrated. Is it air intake hose? Causing overheatin

Hose not replaced previously, and don't know name to buy replacement. Car's on last legs (223K miles) and intend to replace in a month or two, but would like to buy this part & get through the summer. Re: overheating, oil & antifreze levels @ full. In past cleaned contacts for engine fan to improve performance. Overheats only in stop-start traffic. Just noticed damaged hose when I went to check fluid levels this morning.

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Great Bear Auto Repair and Auto Body Shop

Hello Diva,
The overheating is not related to the air filter. The tube you are referring to is solely for taking fresh air from the outside and bring it into the air filter. Keep up the good work checking out your car. 223k miles, WELL DONE!


Bill 2/10/2011

Make sure it's not hose running from air cleaner to FI engine intake port, This would led to dirt entering system which would be not OK.


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