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Thrash ... 12/10/2018

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SE 6 Cyl 3.30L

Preventive Maintenance

Will an unused car battery stamped on manufacture from 5 years ago preform as well as a more recently manufactured one

I have a receipt from 4 months ago from when I supposedly had my battery replaced in my vehicle but then on a cold day recently my battery died again, I jumped it, and it died again. Thinking that the battery was new this whole time (since 4 months ago when it was supposedly replaced) I immediately started thinking that my issue now must be my alternator or maybe even a spark plug issue but I just had AAA come check it out and they told me 100% that it is my battery that's the issue and that it doesn't look new at all. The technician also showed me the stamp of manufacture which was from 2013. Is it possible that the shop did replace the battery but with an old one? If they did do that is that considered as good as new? Or did they scam me and just not replace it? I don't remember what the battery looked like before the replacement but I want to walk in to negotiate with them prepared for how batteries actually work and how long they last etc.

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Jimm 12/11/2018

Short answer, no - the 5 year old battery will not perform as well as a newer one.


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