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Joey429 9/17/2016

2006 Volkswagen Beetle 2.5 5 Cyl 2.50L

Preventive Maintenance

Unsure on how to fix need advice

My girlfriend 2006 beetle is sputtering and when u give it has black smoke comes out the exhaust. We thought maybe bad gas we used fuel treatment and changed the plugs because there was a lot of carbon build up on them, but it's started again the check engine light came back on and the sputtering started again. The oil was recently changed and fluids are good we also ran the codes and had several pop up but after checking the codes last night and the car sat a while the light went off and drove fine but now it's back on again we don't know what to do if u have any ideas it would help I could also send the codes. Thank you for your time my names joey

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