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Budd Clemens

Budd ... 9/28/2010

2003 Bentley Continental GT 12 Cyl 6.00L


See below. The type auto is false information.

Your format does not portray motorcycles, so I have to type in false information to proceed.

Do you have brake pads for a 2003 Kawasaki 1600 Vulcan Classic? Its my understanding that the same pads are used front & rear, but I need to be as sure as you are. If so, I am seeking 3 pair.

Thank you,
Budd Clemens
([email protected])

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neomyejohn 3/18/2013

Hey Budd, if you really want someone to assist you on this, please post this on classified ads sites like Ebay and i am sure that you will get response within the first 30 minutes. There you will get assistance.


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