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Melissa Moffett

Meliss ... 7/7/2018

1993 Jeep Cherokee Country 6 Cyl 4.00L

Body & Interior

turn signals wont blink

Turn signals stay on but wont blink

1 Answer


Jimm 7/7/2018

Replace the turn signal flasher - mounted underneath the instrument panel.

Easy component to replace, just one connector to unplug.

Try these on-line parts resources; www.autopartsanything.com; www.partsgeek.com; www.Rockauto.com, www.stockwiseauto.com - to list only a few.

In fact, they (RockAuto) list the replacement turn signal flasher from around $1.20 for your vehicle.

Turn signal flasher = BUSSMANN part #NO552, or STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS part #EFL552 - or their equivalent


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