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Roseen ... 12/4/2019

2014 Honda Civic Hybrid 4 Cyl 1.50L


Can't turn on engine. Is there a problem with the battery?

When I tried to turn on the car today, most of the lights on the dashboard start flashing. But the battery light isn't one of them so I'm uncertain what problem it might be. All the lights that turn on seem to be pretty random since the brake light, abs, low and such are flickering. There seems to be enough battery for the inside car lights to turn on. Not sure if it's the cold that's frozen something or not having enough juice left in the battery to start up.

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Jimm 12/4/2019

Cannot tell anything via the internet - you will need to have the battery and charging system tested, for free - at any local auto parts store.

Before the battery and charging system is tested, your first step would be to raise the hood to inspect the battery terminals and cable connections - should be clean and tight, with no corrosion.

Any corrosion may be easily cleaned using some common household baking soda, and water as solution - scrub with an old toothbrush.

Based on the charging system and battery test results, repair or replace as necessary.


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