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George 11/9/2010

1987 Mercedes Benz 300SDL Base 6 Cyl 3.0L


When I turn the AC or Defog on (compresor engages), in about 10 min. the fuse for the AC in the fuse box will pop.

My car has 250K miles. The condenser, the dryer and the climate controle madule are brand new. For about 10 min. the ac will work perfectly until the fuse goes.

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Bobby 11/9/2010

something in the electrical system is causing the fuse to pop. This is usualy a sign that there is a problem in the compressor, at some point the contact is causing a short, either because the compressor is working to hard, and needs to be rebuilt or replaced, or there is a wire short somewhere in the a/c circuit.


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