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Donna 7/3/2018

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SE 6 Cyl 3.30L

Preventive Maintenance

When do you need to do a tune up on the above vehicle. I read somewhere not until 100,000 miles??

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Jimm 7/3/2018

Techically, there are no more required tune-ups. Just follow the recommended maintenance schedule as outlined in the vehicle owners manual.
Replace the engine air filter, fuel filter and change spark plugs at the recommended time and mileage.
In addition, be sure to follow the required fluid and filter changes as specified.
Avoid any added 'services' not listed in the maintenance schedule; this means no - fuel system flushes or cleanings, no air intake cleanings...waste of time and your money.
Besides, you can get equivalent results yourself by purchasing the appropriate aerosol spray cleaner for the air intake system.
Use the turkey baster method to replenish the brake and power steering fluids, once a year..and you are good to go!


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