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paul 9/20/2012

1996 Eagle Vision ESi 6 Cyl 3.3L


tryed jump starting battery using 24volt and fried something now it wont start

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HouseCallAuto 9/20/2012

You burnt a fusible link. They can be located by following the positive battery cable to a special looking splice. It is not a fuse, it is a fuse wire. It will be between the positive battery terminal and the power distribution center under the hood. I cannot see a reference to the amperage rating of the fuse links. One is white and one ios brown. the brown one has a higher amp rating then the white. One of these fuse links is open. You can buy fuse link wire to put in it's place. Probably like 30 amp rated for brown and less for the white. Ask chrysler dealer parts dept to look it up or research the amp rating by wire gauge size. the brown fuse link is 18 gauge and the white is 22 gauge.


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