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Laura 12/9/2010
1982 Mercedes Benz 240D Base 4 Cyl 2.4L - Body & Interior
The trunk lock is stuck.
The door,gas and trunk are all on the same locking system and the trunk will not unlock even with the key. have tryed pulling door unlocks to get them to raise and lower together(manuel has suggested this) but trunk will not unlock
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  • Bobby
    Bobby 12/9/2010
    well sounds like the locking mechanism is frozen stuck. the inside of trunks usually have a release pulley so that someone can't get "put in the trunk" see if you can lower the rear seat and gain access into the trunk this is an oldie sonot sure if it is possible but try that and see if there is a manula release inside the trunk
    Laura 12/13/2010
    I replied in the wrong space, wrote it as an answer instead(see below) thanks for your help anyway
  • Laura
    Laura 12/13/2010
    Thanks Bobby
    Unfortunatly the germans wanted a secure interior and trunk area because there is no access, it is solid behind the rear seat :-(
  • JimmyMustang
    JimmyMustang 12/13/2010
    Sorry Laura you might have to bring this to a shop, there's really no way of knowing what to do with out being with the car. Sounds like someone might have to get creative, mybe even drill out the lock to get in there.
    Bobby 12/13/2010
    I would say the same, seem slike there is no simple way to get in there as of now, sounds like you'll need to find some help.

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