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roger6632 5/13/2014

2000 Chevrolet S10 LS 6 Cyl 4.30L


truck won,t start,unless i take pug wire off

won,t start only if i take plug wire off of number 2 and 4
cyl.put them back on and no start,whats going on

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GT500Knights 5/13/2014

Are the wires routed properly to each cylinder? If two of the spark plug cables are going to the incorrect cylinders, you'll likely experience a no-start or heavy misfire situation. Double check the wires on the cap. The firing order, and that the wires are not only going to the proper cylinders, but that the wires are also intact. If you find excessive chaffing of the wires, they may need to be replaced. The insulation inside may have worn down allowing spark to arc to a nearby ground, such as the intake manifold or valve cover.


roger6632 5/13/2014

double checked wires all are right,i just put new ones on today

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